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Kim’s raciest look yet

Kim Kardashian West leaves


Kim Kardashian latest look is NSFW. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

KIM Kardashian has copped a backlash over her latest selfie, with fans labelling the image “desperate” and “sad”.

The stylish star, 37, shared a provocative photo of herself clad in a teeny-tiny Chanel bikini, which showed off her incredibly toned hourglass figure.



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Chanel vintage, lets please be specific

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“Chanel vintage, let’s please be specific,” Kardashian captioned the image.

But the image prompted angry comments from fans who branded it “sad” and “vulgar”.

Many questioned why she would post such sexualised images considering her young children would one day see them.

One follower implored her to think of her “impressionable young daughter” while another commenter questioned whether the body in the shot was really Kim’s.

Others described the image as “disgusting”, with one fan telling Kardashian: “You’re better than this, keep it for your husband.

The “nipplekini” was from Chanel’s spring 1996 collection, and was worn by supermodels like Eva Herzigova and Stella Tennant on the runway.



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Monday Mood 😂🤪

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This is not the first time Kim has worn the doll-sized swimsuit. On Monday she shared a picture in bed, while sticking out her tongue in a suggestive style.

Meanwhile almost two years after she was robbed and held at gunpoint, her “negligent and reckless” former bodyguard Pascal Duvier is being sued.

Duvier, who left Kardashian alone in her apartment to guard her sisters at a nightclub the night of the robbery, and ProtectSecurity (the company he worked for), are the targets of a 6.1 million ( 8.5) lawsuit by insurance company AIG, reports TMZ.

Kim Kardashian’s former bodyguard Pascal Duvier. Picture: Twitter

Kim Kardashian’s former bodyguard Pascal Duvier. Picture: TwitterSource:Supplied

The .1 million is the amount AIG paid to Kardashian for the stolen jewels – including a massive diamond ring.

The suit places much of the blame for the robbery on Duvier, sighting security breaches at the hotel that he failed to correct.

AIG also claims Duvier failed to point out several problems including an insecure front gate of the hotel and a malfunctioning intercom system.

On the night of the robbery, gunmen posing as cops gagged and tied up the star. he was left in her bathtub as they ran off with her jewellery.

Kim Kardashian West leaves

Kim Kardashian West leaves ‘L’Avenue’ restaurant escorted by her security Pascal Duvier on before the Paris robberySource:Getty Images

At least 17 people have been arrested in connection to the jewellery heist.

Shortly after the robbery, Duvier was sacked by the Kardashian family.

“He was let go because they are bringing on an entirely new team,” an insider told Page Six.


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